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Anti Allergy Pillow Covers

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Anti Allergy Pillow Covers

Mediflow's AntiAllergen pillow covers are certified with the Sanitized-inch process developed in Switzerland. The Sanitized-inch finish shields your pillow from the formation mold, mildew and fungus which attract mites and dander. Your pillows will stay clean and odor free and free of common allergy triggers.
Silentnight AntiAllergy Pillow Protector, Pack of 2: These anti-allergy pillow protectors from Silentnight will prolong the life of your pillows with the added benefit .
Prevent allergy triggers with antiallergy pillow covers and bedding. Dust mite pillow covers feature a special zipper that blocks out mites and bed bugs.
Why not buy better pillows, because feathers or down are so much softer and moldable than a quilted and tightly-padded outer case. (The mattress protector is  .

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