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Pillow For Breastfeeding In Bed

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Pillow For Breastfeeding In Bed

Best for Large Breasts: Dr. Brown's Gia Nursing Pillow. Moms with larger breasts often complain that standard breastfeeding pillows don't work for them, as the opening is too small.. It has a “shrimp-like” shape, with one end of the pillow lower than the other to position baby at a natural slope. : Back Buddy All-in-One Support Pillow for Pregnancy, Feeding, and. Kindred Bravely French Terry Scoopback Nursing Sleep Bra for Maternity/ .
A breastfeeding pillow might not be necessary if you use one of these positions. If you breastfeed while sitting on a chair or sofa, with the baby lying across your lap, the breastfeeding pillow is particularly useful. It can support the baby's head and neck while you breastfeed.
Kushies Nursing Pillow. This Kushies pillow is contoured to fit against your body and tall enough to position baby to latch. The pillow is made with a strong foam which supports baby without them sinking into it. Convenient to use and place on your lap without fussing with a strap.
A nursing pillow isn't just any household pillow. Bed pillows are generally so soft that your baby will sink down and throw pillows aren't always comfy against the .

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